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Google offers a wide range of services

 to help businesses claim, manage their online visibility, and grow their business virtually.

Google AdWords or Google Ads is one such digital marketing service by Google to help businesses rank higher on top pages of Google Search Result Pages. 

Scooby Designs is one of the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore, equipped with Google-certified experts and professionals. Therefore, it can help businesses achieve the best search engine results. We are the leading Google Ads marketing agency with the best marketing plans. 

As the leading digital marketing company, Scooby Designs helps enhance the reach of audiences and attract new traffic. The experts advertise the brand to targeted audiences searching for your company's products and services. With the best Google Ads marketing plans, we help attract people to your business. Experts help achieve desired goals and increase the audience base. 

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What are the Google Ads Services We Offer?

Search Ads – The search ad campaigns we offer help businesses exhibit their ads on Google Search Engine Page. As a result, it helps businesses to target audiences based on locations, language, and regions. 

Display Ads – Google Partnered Apps, Websites, and Mobile Devices are the places where the display ads are showcased. It enables businesses to plan and schedule ads in advance.

Shopping Ads The shopping ads campaigns help businesses to highlight their ads on Google Shopping List, Partnered Websites, and Display Networks. As a result, you notice an increase in the CTR and targeted audience. 

Video Ads – The video campaigns help display the ads on Google Display Network and YouTube. As a result, it helps develop brand awareness and a long-term relationship with targeted audiences.

Remarketing – Google Search Engine and the partnered sites are the platforms where remarketing ads are displayed. It ensures easy targeting and also focused advertising.   

Being the best brand-building company in Bangalore, we aim to enhance online visibility and create brand awareness via different channels. The experts focus on converting the site visitors into consumers and clarifying it; we offer relevant information and growth to the businesses.



Campaign Management – Being the best digital marketing company in Bangalore, we plan, execute, analyze and track the accounts for businesses. We ensure the creation of attractive ads and prioritize the targeting location for ultimate outcomes. 

Bid Management – While managing the advertising budget, we ensure that the budget is used efficiently. It ensures the delivery of guaranteed results and descriptive reports on Google Ads. 

Keyword Planning – Proper research is conducted based on Search Volume and Cost for all targeted keywords that audiences use to search for similar services and products Scooby Designs focuses on resolving all customer queries the audience may ask on Google.

Targeting the Right Audience – We are the best brand-building company in Bangalore and help brand target the right audiences. The experts show the ads to interested people to create brand awareness and convert audiences based on a yearly, monthly, and weekly basis. 

Competitor’s Analysis – We believe in sustaining a transparent environment with clients; hence, we regularly share reports with the clients. The reports feature comprehensive details about competitors’ performance to ensure they are not missing out on any important factors.   

What Makes Us the Leading Service Provider

Our Core Strengths

Research & Strategy – We ensure comprehensive marketing research before any paid campaign. The client’s business is audited, and strategies are created to ensure faster and more efficient business growth. 

A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization – A/B Testing helps businesses to run paid ads efficiently. Our experts use the best tools to help your brand get more conversions and sales.

Auditing and Quality Assurance – Quality analysis and auditing help businesses get reliable data for future clicks. 

Worldwide Coverage – Being the best digital marketing company in Bangalore, we offer worldwide ad coverage. Experts help advertise products, services, and brands worldwide. We will offer double click, search ads to advertisements on major search engines. 

Data-Driven – The reporting data helps consumers to track the conversations based on contact form submission, click, funnel tracking and call conversation. 

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