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Social media solves multiple marketing issues ranging from launching services and products and creating brand awareness, to boosting sales and bringing quality leads. As the leading and best digital marketing company in Bangalore, we at Scooby Designs' put all efforts in trying and testing different means of using the social media platforms in achieving ultimate results that suit your business goals.

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What is Social Media Marketing???????????

Social media channels empower the businesses to reach the target audiences for different purposes, including career building platforms, general socializing, or getting content-driven traffic. Social media marketing on social platforms is the effective way to connect with relevant audiences to:

  • Increase leads
  • Build brand value
  • Drive relevant web traffic


It starts with writing impactful and attractive content on social media profiles, understanding and engaging followers, running social ads and analyzing results. Scooby Designs helps creating compelling and engaging content, improvises brand presence, and manages interactions by integrating your brand in all social media channels, therefore, ensuring desired results for business.

We as the leading and best digital marketing company in Bangalore have established wide range of services in the social media marketing space which are customizable as per business needs. Whether businesses want to build a brand and conduct brand management activities, drive customers and grow business from scratches, Scooby Designs can help achieve the business goals efficiently. We at Scooby Designs create customizable plans and solutions using proven techniques and methodologies and suggest the best social media platforms to carry out the ads and campaigns.

Social Media Marketing with Three Steps Approach

  1. Goals – Social media is a vast niche and defining short-term and long-term goals from scratch is important. Social media content creation, planning and great social content are the key to high reach and audience engagement. By evaluating the business state and learning the immediate goals, we at Scooby Designs map the best action plans and suggest effective solutions. It helps create a seamless sprint of actions to scale your social media marketing and activities.
  2. Brand Image – Social media also calls for religious interaction with the subscribers and users, gaining audiences and persuading them to convert. The consistent brand image by improvising the key messaging with different styles that portray the service, brand and product entrusts the audiences and it helps brands to become more clear, reliable and comprehendible.
  3. Targeting – We help brands to understand the pulse of customers, let them know the right time to publish, tone and voice of brand toned to your voice of consumer is the key to leverage. We help create the right marketing campaigns using the right targeting tools.    

Target-Oriented Marketing

Goal-Oriented or Target-Oriented Social Media Marketing in Bangalore by Scooby Designs focuses on the correct and targeted audiences to drive the marketing activities. If the product or service is made for customers of particular age or group or focused on specific market, Scooby Designs  help you choose the right crowd and marketing strategies to heighten the conversion rates.

Which Social Media Platforms or Channels Are Used for Marketing?

As the leading social media marketing agency in Bangalore, we at Scooby Designs work on different social media channels and platforms. It helps us gain the right expertise to suggest the suitable platforms for businesses and designing the bespoke social media solutions for daily challenges.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn
  5. SnapChat
  6. Pinterest  

How to Make the Most of Your Ad-Budget?

Our Secret Tips!

  • Most of the social media channels offer the advertising feature. To validate and make the right choice and suitable social media marketing services in Bangalore for targeted audiences is a challenge. When finding the right social channels to use for advertising, businesses must choose the one that perform organically.

    We help businesses choose the right social media platforms where their content and products strike a chord naturally with followers. It is useful to know which networks are popular for targeted audiences. AtScooby Designs, we have strategies, verified and proven methods to shortlist the channels for businesses as per their needs. It helps them achieve the best route to optimize their social media marketing activities and achieve desired results.

    Having our strategies and goals set make it easy to choose the right platforms and channels for social media marketing for businesses. We at Scooby Designs  can help businesses gain insights into social media options and in turn offer best value for their marketing budget. With our dedicated team and their rich expertise, you social media marketing campaigns will skyrocket indeed.            

Social Media Marketing