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Your customer is standing on one side of the cliff with his problem, question & Roadblocks. The outcome which he desires is the result which your product & service can deliver. Only true marketers craft masterpiece sales copy with a promise which makes customer cross this journey. If you can help customer cross this journey through your copy you are going to win the sale.
Let’s talk about how you can craft that promise to the customer so that he crosses it and achieve the desired result.
As with any sales copy, there is a formula for creating a profitable promise.
They are

You must be seen Hollywood movie X-Men & must known famous character Professor Xavier. Xavier is member of subspecies of human called mutants, who are born with supernatural powers. Xavier is having the power to control & read the minds of others.
If you want to become great marketer which is highly valuable in the market you have to become ‘Xavier of marketing’.
If you can get into the minds of your prospect like Professor Xavier of X-men, then you can feel the pain, problem & exact roadblocks they face and the exact result they desire. If you can get inside their mind and feel their problems, then you can offer solutions that speak directly to their brain. One of the things many marketers miss out on is the fact that, if you can identify a person’s emotional greed, which they are afraid to admit, then you can offer more of what they want.

Reasons for your motivation for this domain
1. This will be always in demand( means there will always be a customer who needs you)
2.Doesn’t take a long time to learn( 6 months required but it’s not a long time by looking at long term prospects)
3. No income cap and can provide financially secure for an entire family.
4. Feels rewarding because it helps other people.
The career I ‘m talking about is all about
‘How to get customer’ i.e customer acquisition which has a lot to do with ads on Google, Social media, SEO etc.

Stealth technology makes ship or plane invisible to radar so that you can enter the enemy place without him knowing.
Stealth technology of marketing helps you sell without actually selling. In this technology, there are two parts of single content. Content can be FB post, Email, video.
In the first part put normal usual content like during Holi we posted Happy Holi content or like during this epidemic we posted pics of how corona warrior helping us. It’s not related to our space of expertise. There is no call to action as it’s there in a normal post.
Because a typical call to action is like ‘Click here now to______.There is nothing wrong with it as it’s important and we use it regularly during our paid ads. In this people know that they are getting into something. It is something they are expecting that you are giving an offer to them.
Now consider this situation where your prospect not in the sales situation. For example, they don’t want to go from Facebook where they are getting free content, over to somewhere else like to your landing page where you try to sell something?
This is a situation where stealth technology comes in where people’s defence is up. We use this technology to drive traffic from free content to paid offer. We don’t use this technology in paid ads because there prospect already know that we are showing ads for some purpose.

The lifeline of any business is its cash flow which means if Business can sell product then there is hardly any problem in Business which money can’t solve.
Sales is the only way to generate cash, if Business is good at selling then it’s unstoppable.
When it comes to growing sales Business have the following challenges that I face as an entrepreneur.
Small list- List of prospects is very less. Not enough database of prospects to sell.

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