Prime Reasons for Prohibiting 59 Chinese Apps. (YouTube Vs Tiktok) THE END

Prime Reasons for Prohibiting 59 Chinese Apps. (YouTube Vs Tiktok) THE END

Tik Tok
Indian Government bans Tik Tok

Let’s understand the Prime Reasons behind the same! In between the COVID-19 pandemic we all are aware of the fact that on Monday evening, the Indian government has banned 59 apps which were all developed by Chinese firm including TikTok, Share it, MiVideo call, Shein, ClubFactory, CamScanner and many more. As per 2019 research data, it was cited that TikTok is the 7th most downloaded application of the world. On 29th June 2020, the Ministry of Information Technology has decided to block 59 apps clarifying that these applications were engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity, defence of India, security of the state and public order. Due to this the government of India has disallowed the usage of these apps in both mobile and non-mobile devices.

Indian Government
On 29 June 2020 59 mobile apps were banned

The Government of India and Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology have also received many complaints and representation from a citizen regarding their concern towards the security of data and breach of privacy, impacting upon public order issues. This was done to safeguard the interest of crores of Indian users who use these applications on a daily basis.

India Border
India-China Galwan Border

In 2020, the tightness between India and China increased on a large scale and this was due to variety of reasons but the major reason came to our knowledge when 20 Indian soldiers were martyred at the Galwan border and after this, the people of the nation are pursuing towards using products and services that are ” Made in India” and this is something that leads to banning 59 popular applications of Chinese country.

59 Chinese Apps
No Developer support for 59 Apps!

These 59 apps will no longer receive any developer support in India. So, users who have already downloaded the apps will not be able to access app downloads. Centre has used Section 69A of the Information Technology Act to enforce the ban.  


The most popular e-sport PUBG is not included in the list of 59 app that is now banned in India because PUBG is not a security threat and is not entirely Chinese. The game has been created and managed by Bluehole which is a South Korean organization.

Prime Reasons for Youtube Tiktok Controversy
The End!

A few weeks ago we all got a chance to see a new class war all over the internet i.e YouTube vs TikTok and this seemed to be much larger than a political story. And it all started with a video on YouTube by Carry Minati- TikTok vs YouTube-The End Game on YouTube. And the video became one of the most popular roasting video on YouTube which has over 78 million views. That video is a glimpse of the ongoing rivalry between two content creator of different online platform- YouTube & TikTok. Carry Minati also said that TikTok videos are cringeworthy. Later YouTube deleted his video, but this didn’t bring him down. On one of his Instagram post, he said how the video was going to break all global records (apparently it was the first non-musical video to get over 78million views in a limited time).

This ban is a new welcome to the “Made in India” campaign as the Indian government have also provided the alternative for such applications, some of them are:

  1. Tiktok – Mitron
  2. Uc browser – Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox
  3. YouCam make-up – B612
  4. Share it – SuperBeam
  5. CamScanner – Adobe Scan

Indian technology has come a long way in the last 5-6 years and are at par with the capabilities of any other start-up ecosystem in the world. We welcome this move and we hope Indians will choose apps which are made in India, for India. With this, we can assure ourselves that we don’t share our data with the Chinese government. Among all these 59 applications there are few apps on which people use to do the branding and advertising of their products or services. But at present, such people are in a dilemma that will they be able to survive after this ban? Like TikTok or UC browser is one of the biggest platforms not only to show your talent but to do business, advertising so that you can attract more and more consumers. When you are facing such a dilemma you should think of going out of the box and just be greedy of opportunities. You should be confident about your talent, after all, you’re a content creator, if not TikTok go for others platform like YouTube or you can simply upload your video’s on Igtv (Instagram tv). You should understand that platform is just a source, you have to keep yourself out of the box. You are a content creator, you can’t be dependent and rely on just one platform or source, you should search for other opportunities too where you can bloom.

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