COVID-19 Impact  on Digital Media

COVID-19 Impact on Digital Media

COVID 19, a name that has been imprinted on the brains of everyone regardless of their age, profession, race or gender. This unforeseen enemy has turned into a nightmare for humans killing lakhs of people and infecting many more. A race has begun among all the researchers and top-notch pharmaceutical companies to come up with a cure as soon as possible. Since the results are unpredictable and the way for vaccine stands on shaky grounds with lots of failures along its path, one must adapt to a new phenomena, i.e ‘Learn to live with COVID -19.

COVID-19 Impact
The COVID-19 Impact

The above phrase has been misunderstood and misinterpreted a lot by the commons. It does not convey that one has to adopt a callous attitude and go along with their daily chores. Rather than it has been suggested for a preventive lifestyle that very well understands the risks and health hazards of the ongoing pandemic. Hence the new adaptive approach should be an optimized one, which takes care of your personal, professional growth, but at the same time, it also treats your health safety as a prime factor.

Binge Watching
Binge Watching Channels

This has led to a massive revolution in each nook and corner of our activities. The traditional classroom education has been overtaken by online classes, recorded video lectures and demonstrations. The large crowds happily roaming through crowded markets and malls, have now shown a preference for online shopping. The weekends registered for outings to watch the latest blockbuster on big screens are now being replaced by mobile and laptop screens with binge-watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime and much more related platforms. This largely shows the impact of COVID 19 on Digital Media.

COVID-19 Spread
The COVID-19 Spread

Even before the COVID 19 spread, digital media was making our life easy by helping us to select the latest phone in the market to choose an online course that meets our demands. But we still had options to go out and venture in the open market and come to the conclusion. But now the tables are turned and the majority of the population is trapped indoors with limited outdoor activities as a measure of precaution during the ongoing corona crisis. In such desperate times, educational apps, shopping apps, movies, web series, social media, yoga, gym instructions, corporate meetings, personal interviews, group discussions and much more, all are being catered via digital media. In such a scenario digital media has led the way to fulfil the demands of the society and yet keeping them safe and intact in the comfiness of their homes.

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