Internet | How Google Has Benefitted Mankind From It?

Internet | How Google Has Benefitted Mankind From It?

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Internet, one of the most frequently used word by you and me. There is something new in the internet-search era — and it’s something that’s changing the whole way we interact through the Internet for information and documents, named “Google“. As we human being grow older so does our thirst for knowledge. It seems that as youth we suppose to think we know everything and don’t realize the vast variety of knowledge out there in the world until we get much older. At that point, we understand the need to grow in whatever sector we pursue as adults, then Google became our major supporter and acts like helping hands as its primary service is offering consumers targeted search results which are selected from more than 8 billion web pages. When Google entered the online search market, Yahoo was the market leader but in a very short period, Google has become the best search engine by taking the market share of Yahoo and other search engines.

Internet Search Engines
Search Engines

After seeing its effect and usage in the last few years, we can surely admit that 20 years of Google has changed our perspective for almost everything. In earlier decades, we use to remember a lot of information or data as we didn’t have any search engines but the recent phenomena is different, we just have to remember the access to the search engine. we have developed a tendency to visit the Web’s info-thickets, reading, scanning highlights and zooming on videos and listening to podcasts and jumping from link to link to hyperlink and at the present scenario, we have to go through the vast amount of information to keep ourselves updated on multiple corner’s which is easily possible with the help of Google.

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Web Activities

In the olden days people use to gather a different kind of information from their friends, relatives, colleague’s and sometimes their co-workers too. But this Google effect has made everyone more dependent on computers and accomplishing their task in small duration. This google effect has put all the information at the operator’s fingertip which has been never seen before.

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Google Smart Investments on Technology

Google invest some proportion of its yearly profit in research and development which results in a long term benefit as Google has made research in developing a car without a driver. Every person indulged in any kind of business or commercial activity needs an effective and efficient platform for advertising their product or business across the globe. Google has simply made is possible through search results which allows the business to advertise on different portals and websites. Just like every coin has its two faces, with a variety of advantages google itself has some disadvantages too but you can say that it has changed some of your entire working strategy in a very incredible manner. One thing is for sure, with Google, the future can be more exciting and happening.

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