3 Areas where online media boosted during COVID-19?

3 Areas where online media boosted during COVID-19?

3 Areas, Online media as one of the 20th century most important developments, which facilitates old and new functions of media by superseding traditional media like radio, newspapers and television towards more participating, flexible, experiences and made information and data sharing at a low cost. In today’s fast-developing world, online media has played a very important role in constituting brand reputation and doing our commercial transactions. Online media allow two-way communication channel which enables everyone to get their queries answered.


At present, the entire world is fighting against a pandemic, COVID- 19. Few week’s ago many of us had never heard about the word ” social distancing” which means staying at least 6 feet away from others to prevent the spreading of infection. There are several areas which are being fully affected by the pandemic. Some of them are:


01. E-commerce:  

E-commerce includes buying and selling of raw materials, finished goods other products, services or accomplishing any other kind of goods or services through an electronic medium. Earlier we used to do all these tasks by visiting on our own to different stores, shopping complex, restaurants but due to this pandemic, human trafficking has been increased on Amazon, Flipkart or some other app because people are not able to step outside their home due to safety reasons and prefer to do their commercial transactions online including making order’s and their payments. Everything is being done through online media.

Now different grocery stores and medicals have also permitted the online purchase of medicines, toiletries, groceries and other essential products. Supermarkets have caught on high demand and are now availing successful online orders and offline operations. Restaurants in places where the situation is somehow fine has managed to avail online food delivery also through Zomato and Swiggy assuring our safety while preparing and delivering it to us. Supermarkets are also investing in partnering with food delivery app and offer to the customer’s an on-demand service of few items only.

02. Online Streaming:

As a result of this pandemic, many countries have restricted social gathering and movement of people for some time. This has resulted in lower or nil appearance of people at entertainment hubs like a movie theatre, bars, stage cinemas. Because of which people are streaming more on apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many more to spend their time watching movies or series and here the traditional way of watching has been replaced by the online media. Even many filmmakers are managing to release their movie on these apps. Recently a movie Gulabo-Sitabo of Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushman Khurana has been released on prime videos on 12th June. Not just this but on 24th June, Anushka Sharma has also come up with a movie BULBUL on Netflix. Filmmakers are sure of the fact the in the pandemic people are streaming more on these app and with this, they will get a good response from the audience when the entire country can do is sit home and spend time on movies and TV, a free trial to stream Netflix or any other app is worth its hour’s of watching.

Online Gaming

03. Online Gaming: 

We all are aware of the fact that due to this pandemic we are strictly not allowed to step out of our home, so our gathering with friends for fun, sports or other activity is also restricted. And this has boosted our engagement and involvement with video games and esports and taken it to the next level. Several export competition is being shown on live TV, as founder’s look to fill hour’s of scheduled sports that were cancelled due to pandemic. Even the famous YouTubers are streaming live for games like Carry Minati who usually make video’s on roasting popular faces of India is also indulging in doing live streaming sometimes. Just like Carry Minati many other YouTubers are there doing the same like PewDiePieGareebNinjaTanmay Bhatt and many more. We the people of the nation have quickly adapted the use of this e-sport and online gaming and the broadcaster are continuously preparing to provide regular updates of the game. During this, a tremendous increase has been found on the gamers of Pubg and Fortnite. Fortnite has hosted a live rap concert which has attracted almost 20 million viewers. We can see that in this pandemic, online gaming has reached the next level which is beyond the traditional gaming method.

Not only this, but there are also many other areas for the same like now as the schools, tuitions everything is closed, people have managed to continue taking lectures online on different apps like YouTubeZoomGoogle Meet. Even the business and offices are doing their work from home where the online media has boosted. Taking all this into consideration, We strongly believe that online media creates opportunities for all internet users to invest their time and efforts on something they love and engage themselves actively in different knowledge sharing activities. In the COVID-19, everything because easy with the use of online media as we can do almost everything on our fingertip.

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