YouTube , Gmail , Playstore Down : shows Error 503 code

YouTube , Gmail , Playstore Down : shows Error 503 code

Most Famous Video watching and Uploading Platform “YouTube is Down” Yes you heard it right .
People are going Crazy on internet over this news and thousands of people tweeting on the same
There’s is an Official Confirmation for the issue with the from the firm .

Internet user are also facing trouble over the largest app store with 2.78 Million Apps Google Play store is also not working .

Several Google Services are interuppted Including Gmail , YouTube , Playstore this could be a Huge Loss of Data and Money . YouTube video App shows “Error 503” which means server error response code .
YouTube might be testing some new features over its platform who knows ?
But this issue is heavy and Massive which will cost Google for its reputation . Currently Google has 4.39 billion internet Users.

Memes over the Following issue:

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