“Rasode Mei kaun tha” , the new BINOD

“Rasode Mei kaun tha” , the new BINOD

Earlier over Binod and now “Rashi” from Saath Nibhaana Saathiya has sparked the meme fest over social media.
But how did this start? One of an Instagram user Yashraj Mukhate turned a Scene into rap Video with Kokilaben’s dialogues and it has got over 39 Lakh+ views on his Instagram with so many Celebrities complementing for his extraordinary talent.

He Posted video with a Caption

“First World Problems! Made Kokila Ben sing this time. I love doing harmonies, enjoyed this one a lot. Kahi share karoge toh credits zaroor dena. Aapke pyaar ke liye bohot saara dhanyawaad!

Check out his video below :

—Video Here in the Centre with Instagram Link —

Source: Instagram

Armaan Malik commented “This is on loop 😂❤️🔥” ,

Saathiya Sath Nibhana
Source: Instagram

meanwhile, Rajkumar Rao Said ” Bhai, you are Very talented, Keep shining 👏👏 ” when everyone was grooving on this trend our Textile minister Smriti Irani also took part in the fest where she wrote ” Kya se Kya ho Gaye dekhte Dekhte “


Twitterati can’t Keep Calm and now they are making memes on “Rashi” character played by Rucha Hasabnis where she Empties the cooker and puts on stove resulting into a Blast in the Kitchen which makes Kokilaben angry and shout on Gopi Bahu, then this epic dialogue comes
“Ye Rashi thi ” x2 with dramatic background tone like any other Indian Serials.

Here’s an Answer for ” Rasode Mei Kaun tha ? “

Source: Twitter

Earlier Gopi Bahu for washing laptop and now Rashi both sisters contributed in igniting meme trend. Now, you finally know who’s was in the kitchen, but Twitteratis are taking this to another level till they find any other.

“I can’t believe this!!!! Thank you so much!” written by Mr Mukhate in the comments box, thanking her for reposting the clip. 

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