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To ensure transparency and efficiency we incorporate all our resources to form a policy that serves to our clients best interests.


Why use cookies?

We do use cookies for tracking and user ad experience. However, we make sure we consider your agreement hence, we give you notification to get your confirmation on same. We also, modify cookies to enhance your user experience. You can always withdraw your information when you want by connecting with us.

Third-party disclosure 

We do not disclose or sale information to any third party.

Terms and Conditions 

We suggest you to go through our terms and conditions before acting on any in our website.

We provide www.scoobydesigns.com domain name and other services via it’s digital domain based website. Herein, you will find every term and condition to avail any services in this website. Reading this will add more value to you usage and investment regards to your business.

Privacy policy 

To be more sure about your actions in this website. Please go through our privacy policy in detail, which highlights information on all the data we collect from you and how we use it.


All the content be it graphic, video, data, texts etc. On the official website of Scooby Designs along with the software and software supplies we use are highly protected by our copyright ownership.


The name Scooby Designs and its associated logos are under Scooby Deisgns trademark. Any other logos and brand name in the website are part of our clients information and it may or may not be incorporated by Scooby Designs in anyway.



Amendments in polices, terms and conditions

Scooby Design reserves all the rights about edit, improve or eliminate any of the content in the website. Henceforth, the user is bounded to automatically agree on the revised content of the website that can be updated further.

Terms and policy Violation 

Scooby Designs has all the rights reserves from to change terms and policy and in case of any violation, it qualifies to avail the readies available. Scooby Designs attains the final say in case of any disputes or claims in the website.



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