iPhone 12 box may not bundle Charger and Accessories

iPhone 12 box may not bundle Charger and Accessories

Latest report warns the iPhone 12 may come without a charger, Headphone in the box and still be priced higher than the predecessor.

iphone 12 pricing
Pricing Strategy

This may be a Good sign for cost-cutting but everything is okay for the Apple enthusiast’s pocket, they don’t mind paying extra! 

5g connection

The iPhone 12 will be coming with 5G support which will cost higher price so they decided to omit accessories like wired earphones and chargers from their retail packaging of the iPhone 12 boxes. Apple to continue their 3 camera setup with a 12-megapixel camera and same notch, magnet at the back could be their next add up to charge EarPods. 

120 hz display
120 hz display

Apple uses very less capacity batteries in their phone compared to other in the flagship game but battery optimization is charming and gives you extra juice despite the heavy usage, that’s something to note as they may not introduce a 120hz display to maintain their battery standards. iPhone 12 prices may start from Rs 54,300 and may range up to 97,200 (iPhone 12 Pro Max) for Top Variants. 

They have also started assembling phones in India which is a good sign for the price drops, the iPhone SE was priced at

(Rs 42,500) currently selling for (Rs 36,000) on Flipkart

iPhone 11 Units are currently priced at (Rs 64,800) on Amazon

It’s said by next year’s mid the new iPhones will cost 10,000 lesser than the current launch price, Manufacturer strong will assemble in it’s Bengaluru Plant. As per the figures, Apple grew 5% year-on-year in India in the quarter ended June this year. Most of the growth was from iPhone SE (2020) so they decided to shift the assembly to the country. 

Rumoured specs highlight of iPhone 12 : 

⁍ AMOLED display 

⁍ A14Soc 

⁍ Face ID 

⁍ Three 12 megapixel sensors (back) 

⁍ 12 megapixel (front)


Apple iphone

Apple is expected to launch around late September -starting October however they declared there will be a delay in the launch but will ship retail units in November.

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