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To ensure transparency and efficiency we incorporate all our resources to form a policy that serves to our clients best interests.

Following the Indian privacy law and information security, we use the information you provide to locate, identify and contact any individual. We request you to go through our company policy to prevent any misinformation or dispute. Please read our document to explain the data usage carefully to be accountable for the data you share.

What data we collect?

To offer a smooth user experience to use, we take your name, email id, phone number and other information while you login or register with our site.

Why we collect the data?

We collect data for various reasons from identifying an individual to making your experience better, we use this information accordingly. We also use your information to reach out you for our surveys, communication, marketing communications etc.

When do we collect the data?

Every time you feed our inputs we save your data but mostly we gather your data while you register to our site, subscribe to our newsletters, fill forms etc.

How do we secure the collected data?

To make your visit to our website safe and secure we run regular security check in our site. We fix all the bugs and advance our site tome to tine you give you a glib experience. We also refrain ourselves from getting your vulnerable details like card number, personal id number etc. Above all we also, use malware scanning to make your data stay safe.

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